Crop Recording

Smart and fast recording of all the activities on your field

Make sure all your crop recordings are in order and automatically meet the demands for certification

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€ 300/year
  • 3000
  • 300 ha.
  • 5
  • Implementation


€ 600/year
  • 6000
  • 600 ha.
  • 10
  • Implementation


On request
  • 6000+
  • 600 ha.+
  • 10+
  • Implementation
Sensetion App

Drawing your parcels has never been easier.

Select your parcel with one click, based on land parcels data or existing shapes. If it is not completely correct, modify it manually with ease. You can do anything with your parcels. Split them in parts, add them together, or create borders without having to manually move every line.

A complete overview or your records and planning at any time.

Record all relevant data: time, duration, product usage, applier, observations and other properties required for accounting or certification. You can combine several operations in a single-pass, for example trenching, seeding and fertilizing.

Automatically meet all certifications

Our reports confirm the demands and guidelines required by the EU.

Sensetion App Sensetion App Sensetion App
Sensetion App

Clear reports for your certifications.

Create reports with our report module. Operation overviews and balance sheets can be exported to pdf and Excel, configurable to you own demands. You can create for example balance reports, operation overviews, or tasklists to communicate your data with others.

Dacom Crop Recording App

Go mobile with our app.

(Almost) done with your task? Immediately record what you did on the field with our mobile app. No signal on your mobile device? No problem! Your farm is always available and when you are connected again your activities are automatically synchronised.

Dacom Apps

Enhance your Crop Recording experience with our partner apps.

Dacom gets even stronger with the apps of our partners. For example, keep your supplies up to date and get advice about fertilizers and irrigation.

Collaborate efficiently for a great yield.

With Crop Recording, you can collaborate with multiple people on a farm. Manage the tasks of everyone and never lose control. Share your data with external stakeholders, like contractors or crop advisors. Farmers place complete job orders to contractors. The contractor updates the farmer through Dacom about the job progress. Are you a contractor? Contact our sales team for more information.


If you have questions about this product you can contact Richard. He is happy to answer you.

Richard Nijenstein

088-3226600 service@dacom.nl
Richard Nijenstein

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