Disease management

Spot on advice about using chemicals

Know when, where and what type of chemical you need to apply.

  • Disease Management amount of hectares


€ 300/Year
  • 300 ha.


€ 600/Year
  • 600 ha.

Interactive map with drawn in fields

The drawn in fields are displayed on an interactive map. When selecting a field, only the advice of the concerning field is shown.

List with overview of the advices

The advices are displayed in a list. You can select all kinds of filters so you only see what you want to. From the list you can go to the graph, year overview and recording window directly.

Disease graph with period filter

In the disease graph, you get a complete overview of the infection risk and the development of spores.

Directly record new observations

From the list you can directly record new observations and it is mentioned when you have to observe again.

Crop recording with the mobile app

With the mobile app you can record directly in the field. This makes recording observations or sprayings a lot easier and faster.


Infection risk in stages with scoring
Map and list view
Year overview
Detailed graphs
Multiple filters and selction tools
Use of color at infection stages


If you have questions about this product you can contact Richard. He is happy to answer you.

Richard Nijenstein

088-3226600 service@dacom.nl
Richard Nijenstein

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