Disease Management

Spot-on advice on the use of crop protection products

Know which type of crop protection product you have to apply, and when and where you should do this.

  • Surface area


€ 300/Year
  • 300 ha.


€ 600/Year
  • 600 ha.

Interactive map with drawn fields

The drawn fields are shown on an interactive map. When you select a field, only the advice for the relevant field will be shown.

List of all advice

The advice given is shown in a list. You can apply all kinds of filters to this list, so you only see what is relevant. From the list you can easily display a chart, the year overview or the record window.

Disease chart with period filter

The disease chart gives you a complete overview of the infection risk and spore formation.

Record new observations directly

You can record new observations directly from the list, and you will be alerted when a new observation is due.

Add records with the mobile app

With the mobile app you can add records in the field. This makes recording observations or crop spraying even faster and easier.


Infection risk in stages with point system
Map and list display
Year overview
Detailed charts
Filters and selection tools
Colour use for infection data


Contact Richard if you have any questions about this product. He will be happy to speak to you.

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Richard Nijenstein

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